Freeze+Press is driven by curiosity for the explorative use of software, making a lot of different things. Making as feedback loop of doing and thinking, transforming ideas into practise and back again. Software not as a mean for streamlined production but as creative matter to engage with. At the moment we focus on the interdependent development of media, as a diversity of objects used to store and deliver information, and software.


free/libre/open source?

Along the rise of digital technology an exciting culture developed. What was initially connected to the production and use of software started to spread to a lot of different fields. To put it short: A model that supports innovation and sustainability is employed instead of a restrictive copyright. The idea is to build a body of shared resources, that may be used by anybody for any mean, while respecting the rights of the commons. This has been practised for software for about 30 years and brought us great things like GNU/Linux, Wikipedia and the Internet. free/libre/open source software is a legal and ideological framework that conserves the right of users to interact with their software, namely to copy, study, change and improve it.

f/l/os software and culture provide the spaces for our adventures. Spaces that are free. Free to use, study or modify. Free not like without cost, but like priceless, namely disclosed to make modifications to some streamlined purpose.

promote & support

We want to contribute to a culture that works hard to preserve the right of people to interact with their surrounding as a matter of principle. Interaction not as superficial mode of operation but to the extent that makes things possible never thought of. Therefore we try our best to share and make our work comprehensible, not only as concluded objects but also as processes. Every end is a potential start for something new. While drawing attention to and promoting this fascinating ecosystem we also felt the importance to find a way to support the people who make this possible. Therefore we host projects that are dedicated to raise money for initiatives within the field of independent software culture.