FREEZE+PRESS projects are Free Cultural Works. Therefore they are free to use, study, change and improve, by anybody, for any purpose. All of our projects are aligned to the concept of copyleft. This means, while commercial usage is explicitely encouraged, you’ll have to share your enhancements and modifications with the community again. As soon as you publish work based upon one of our projects, you’ll have to publish your project as source files and grant other people the same rights you were granted.


There’s also the possibility to commission work. If you would like to realise a project within the field of Free Culture you may hire us for research, development or consultancy. In the past we realised challenging work for initiatives such as the Linux Audio Conference, the make art Festival, Medialab Prado, Linuxwochen Linz, art meets radical openness or constantvzw.

buy-out option

Occasionally we experience difficulties to fully comply with specific license terms, especially in everyday design practise. As a workaround to this problem we decided to offer a buy-out option. For works for which we own the complete copyrights or where it’s possible to negotiate with the respective authors you may pay a license fee instead of sharing your work with the community. The amount charged depends on your use case scenario and will be accordingly calculated. For requests please get in contact.